Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Heart Hillcrest

I hate parking meters. I hate them with a passion more than you can even understand. It's not because I am cheap, because let me assure you, I am not. It is because I never have much more than a quarter in my wallet. I don't carry cash, I use credit. It's just what works best for me. 

So imagine my shock and horror when I went to Hillcrest the other day to get my hairs cut, to find nothing but pay-for-parking lots and parking meters. I knew better than to even bother with a meter, so I pulled into the first pay-for-parking lot that I saw. I parked, and walked over to the strange yet cute old woman working the guard booth, and asked her if she took credit cards. Nope! 

The next thing she told me was utterly shocking, in a good way. The parking meters take credit. What?! Yup, they do:
credit card parking meter
See the beautiful Visa/Mastercard logo? Love at first sight. 

Way to go Hillcrest! Parking meters are seriously enough to make me write off a city completely. There are just too many places I can go where I don't have to hassle with them. But since you let me pay the way I want to, with credit, we can be friends. 

The freaking awesome parking meters are just one reason to love Hillcrest. It's a fabulous little urban oasis for me with funky shops and restaurants when the beach towns are just a feelin' little too boring for me. I can't wait to go back! I heart Hillcrest. 


  1. How awesome! I hope to see one of these parking meters when I come to visit you in three weeks...Hillcrest here we come!

  2. Hi Seester! Yes we will definitely make it a point to check out Hillcrest when you come to visit.

  3. We just got some of these in Detroit and they are a GODSEND! I never carry cash or change and everywhere is metered!

  4. That's awesome! I work in Royal Oak where there are meters everywhere. I never carry cash, so I just prepare to pay the $8 parking ticket fee! ~Amanda T.

  5. Courtney - aren't these the best?!

    Amanda - I hear ya. I've received many a parking tickets due to not having change with me.


  6. yay more katee! ;) I swear its only a matter of time before churches have the visa machines for tithes and offerings!

  7. Hi Yummy! Thanks for stopping by :)


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