Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Marc

Meet my boyfriend, the 5th member of The Beetles:

Circa 1971.

Just look at that neckerchief. From what I understand, he was quite the fashion plate back then. He still is now. So cute. The cutest boy ever. 

*(he'll kill me if he sees this!! hehehe)*


  1. Awww...that's such a cute pic! He looks so stylish too :) lol I'd love to see some recent pics of the two of you:)

  2. He is a cutie! I have one about the same age of my husband that makes me melt.

  3. lol, that little hankie around his neck is to die for! I bet he just looooooves this picture, huh?!

  4. "the 5th member of The Beetles" love it!

  5. La Mimi - isn't he stylish hehehe! New pics coming soon!!

    Please Sir - Thanks :)

    Joyce - Don't you love old photos like this ?

    Brooke - Isn't that so cute? LOL he does not know I posted this hahahaha

    love Maegan - LOL

  6. Katee- I do love old photos. Did he find out yet? LOL...

  7. Joyce - hehe no he hasn't found out yet! He is out of town on business and does not even care to look at my blog anyways :)



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