Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lunch at La Vache

I love to find a fabulous new restaurant (new to me at least)! We have some really great ones that are close to our home, but sometimes I just get tired of going to all of the same places. So last weekend we ventured out to Hillcrest, a super cute and funky neighborhood close to downtown San Diego, to see what we could find.

There were no shortage of restaurants to choose from, but we decided to have lunch at La Vache, a casual french bistro. 

The outside of the restaurant offers patio seating:
la vache restaurant
But we decided to eat inside:

I love how they cover the tables with paper. They also provided crayons for doodling.

There is a smallish cute bar:

Bar rules:

No Fussin'! No Fightin'! No Whinin'! No Back Talkin'!

Our drinks of choice:

Marc had the chardonnay and I had a bellini. Yum!

Hungry Marc:

Marc is wearing his favorite sweatshirt. Do not be surprised if it appears more than once.

My Lunch:
salmon caesar saladCaesar salad with salmon, dressing on the side. It was excellent! The salmon was seasoned perfectly and the croutons were really good. I am kind of picky about my croutons.

Marc's Lunch:
Steak sandwich and salad. It looks like it was all bread in this picture but it really wasn't. Marc's steak sandwich was soooooooo good! He let me have a bite. The steak was really tender. 

No picture of me? Marc still has not gotten used to the idea of my "personal blog". He thinks that taking photos in public like this makes us look like tourists. Maybe it does, but who cares!? Oh well, at least he cooperated with me for the most part. He had better get used to it.

There were so many other things on the menu that looked good, I can't wait to go back. Their prices were very fair. I think my salad was $13.50 but the piece of salmon was huge! Marc's sandwich and salad was a special and so it was only $8.50. The sandwich was so big he could hardly finish it. I love finding great restaurants that are new to us. Like I said, I can't wait to go back!

La Vache in Hillcrest, San Diego. This place gets my stamp of approval!


  1. The steak sandwich looks really good!

  2. Mmmm...your lunch looks delicious! It's so funny, but this is probably what me and my bf would have ordered. He always goes for the Steak something, and I always go for seafood+veggies or salad. :)

  3. If I ever get down your way I have to check some of these spots out! You make them all look so good.

  4. I love finding new eating places too - this looks very yum!

  5. Lunch looked wonderful especially the bellini. Yummy...

    PS Is this the one and same handsome man from the little boy photo?

  6. @Joyce - hehehe yes it is! He turned out ok, didn't he?!:)


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