Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

One thing that you don't see very often if you live in the San Diego area is rain. But the past three days it has been raining like the dickens! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; we need it!

Yesterday we were having drinks at the lovely Estancia La Jolla hotel and I saw a very rare sight around here. I saw a rainbow. The rainbow was much more vivid and colorful in person but you get the idea.

Another side effect of the rain: our lagoon is flooded! When I say "our lagoon", I am referring to the San Elijo Lagoon, which is basically my back yard. At normal water levels, it almost looks like there is a river flowing through it:

But yesterday, it looked more like a lake:

And yes, in the background, you can see my sliver of an ocean view. At least it is a wide sliver. Even though we are not really "on the beach", backing up to the San Elijo Lagoon affords us a totally unobstructed ocean view. The only thing between the lagoon and the ocean is the coastal highway - the 101. If you enlarge the pictures you can see the cars off in the distance. 

The San Elijo Lagoon is actually really cool because there are raised paths and trails that you can walk on. It is excellent for watching birds and wildlife in general. The water is super clear so you can also see all of the different kinds of fish swimming around. I personally love watching the mullet fish wildly jump out of the water. You also see little lizards scurry off of the paths, quickly trying to get out of the way as you walk by. I always forget my camera when I walk through the lagoon. Next time I am going to remember it so I can snap some fun pictures for you! 


  1. That rainbow sure does look pretty! I hope you guys get all your raining done now before I come and visit next week!!! I'm crossing my fingers for little or no rain when I'm there. :)

  2. Great view! A few weeks ago my son (6 yrs old) told me out of the blue that next time we see a rainbow we need to get in the car and drive to the end of it and (his face gets really excited here) there would be a bunch of gold and we could get it! Ahhh, to be so young again :)

  3. What a perfect image to see after a rainy day! Now to find that pot of gold!!

  4. I love rainbows. They are so magical, and can put a smile on anybody's face. :)
    Nice back yard Katee!


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